For those looking for a tailored-to-the-individual tattoo experience, Kim Sirrs works from her spotless private studio in East Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This dedicated and professional space helps Kim create an atmosphere of uninterrupted calm, which allows you, the client, to experience your process without the frequent distractions and drop-ins so common to public tattoo shops.

Kim works by appointment only, and will be happy to discuss your tattoo plans with you.


Each of the many tools of the tattooing trade are single-use disposables: tubes, needles, ink, caps, razors, and so forth. Universal precautions are employed to prevent cross-contamination. And between every client, Kim uses hard-surface disinfectants on each and every work area – like the chair you’ll be sitting in, the armrests, and the toolbox.

Kim has the following training and certificates:

  • certificate of training for sterilization practices for the body modification industry completed in 2000 and 2007

  • bloodbourne pathogens and principles of infection control by Health educators inc. in 2007