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Leave bandage on overnight unless otherwise instructed. In the morning remove bandage and wash the tattoo with clean hands and unscented soap. Rinse off any Lymph, blood and ink residue that has collected overnight. 

Pat dry and let it dry out. This will form a protective thin scab that will feel like a sunburn. Sometimes bruising may occur in sensitive areas. The scab keeps the ink in the holes while the new skin heals to cover the holes. Protect the scab from cracking or becoming overly moist as this causes ink loss. Moisturize with an unscented water based lotion such as Lubriderm, Glaxxol base or Aveeno. Rub in enough moisturizer so that it is absorbed. No excess! Continue to wash the tattoo in the same manner 2 times a day. If your tattoo feels tight, moisturize. Don't pick, abrade or scrub your tattoo.

Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo, tanning beds, hot tubs, swimming until your scabs are gone and the ink is safely sealed in your skin. At this point it is safe to use sunscreen to protect your fresh ink! If you have further questions contact me.